Technology Research

The following is a list of research papers written about technology. I hope that they will be a resource for any teachers studying instructional technology or those who are looking for new ideas to improve instruction in their classrooms These papers were presented at NECC 2001 Chicago.
  • Does It Compute?

  • Computers and Classrooms

  • CEO Forum Reports

  • Middle School Students as Multimedia Designers

  • Connecting Across Many Divides...

  • The Evolving Role of School-based Technology...

  • Adapting Online Education to Different Learning Styles

  • ...Problem Solving Through Project Based Education

  • Web-based Computer Supported Cooperative Work

  • A Picture of Change in Technology Rich K - 8 Classrooms

  • Evaluation of a Laptop Program

  • A Model for Pedagogical and Curricula Transformation with Technology

  • Educational Technology Professional Development

  • E-pals: Examining a Cross-Cultural Writing/Literature Project